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The band is called AXIOLOGY, same as the CD title.  We perform music from the CD as well as covers of Blues, Jazz-Rock and some non-commercial classic rock. Improvisation is an important element of the bands performing style. Current band members are  Danny Suen - Drums, Don Connolly - Bass, Albert Stasiulis - Keyboards, Andrew Riggs - Vocals and Lead/Rhythm guitars.

My guitar playing has been influenced by many of the rock guitarists from the 1960's and 70's  -  Santana, Clapton, Steve Howe(Yes), Hendrix, Allman Bros., Andy Powell(Wishbone Ash), Jeff Beck and numerous others, as well as  players from the jazz and blues genres. However, I don't attempt to imitate anybody. I consider myself to be a musician first and songwriter second, the songs I write partly to challenge myself as a musician. The Jazz-Rock song "Opportunity" is the one on the CD that I consider the most challenging because of its multiple key changes. I try to find musical ideas that have not, (or at least have not often) been explored, within the rock genre.

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