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Flying V -The First V's were made by Gibson in 1958(a rare bird). This guitar I built in my parents basement when I was 19 years old, my dad had a lot of woodworking tools. It has a walnut body, Gibson PAF pickups. The appearance of this guitar was influenced by the V's that Blues guitarist Albert King, and J. Geils played. The body and headstock have binding around the top edges. I use this guitar for playing slide exclusively, My fretwork was not quite exact so it unfortunately has some intonation problems when played as a regular guitar. Nice tone though, I find the Fenders a bit too trebly for slide use.
Telecaster - This is a 1972 model, original pickguard was white, I changed it to a black one which I think looks better, like the vintage tele's from the 50's. I bought this guitar while I was in high school in 1974, second hand for $275. The cover was missing from the rhythm pickup, a few years later wire started to unwind from the pickup so I changed it for a Seymour Duncan "Hot Tele Rhythm" pickup. The original tuners have been swapped for Schallers, and the 3 position bridge changed to a 6 position one.
Stratocaster - A 1986 American Stratocaster Standard. My main guitar, completely stock. This model has 2 controls and the output jack where the third control is on most other Strats and a different whammy bar that doesn't require the routed cavity in the back like normal.
Mustang Bass - Customized by myself, about 20 years ago, a short scale late sixties model. The original color was an awful puke yellow with an orange racing stripe, I enlarged the cutouts so body shape is more like a precision or jazz bass shape and added a Dimarzio P-Bass Pickup and a Badass Bridge. I suppose, in retrospect it would probably be worth more as a collectors item if left in its original condition, but this model isn't in great demand anyway to my knowledge.
Ibanez Artist - My least used guitar except for my Classical Guitar, was not used on any of the recordings.
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