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Damn Your Eyes  A.Riggs 1994 All Rights Reserved

Covert communication, there is something in your eye
If I look a little closer, what am I going to find?
You need attention while your man is out of town
You want to pick me up but then you'll put me down

Damn your eyes
Don't you look at me that way
Damn your eyes woman
What have you got to say?

Relationship of convenience, he's there where you are
If it were more than this you wouldn't be messing with my heart
I don't need your cold hearted love affair
You'll take what you can get and leave without a care

History repeats, we've been this way before
Tactful confrontation, I can't take it any more
Time goes by and I am weary of the game
You could fool me once but this time won't be the same

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